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An online page about Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter

Originally located in old Lincoln St., in the heart of downtown Cebu City, Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter formerly known as La Filipina, has been handcrafting quality acoustic guitar instruments since 1919. Now managed and operated by Master Luthier Fernando Dagoc, the custom guitar factory is now located in Barangay Pajac, Lapu-lapu City in the Island of Mactan – the capital of guitar making craft in the country.

Far from the crude tools of yore, Ferangeli now handcrafts its exquisite line of acoustic steel and classical guitars with state-of-the-art equipment and backed up by a pool of experienced highly skilled craftsmen and luthiers. These fine instruments are made under the strict supervision of Fernando Dagoc who is descended from a family line of excellent luthiers. Over the years and with his experience in various production processes, Mr. Dagoc continues to learn new innovations in guitar technology and invests in the latest equipment that is at par with international luthier standards.

Such qualities set him apart from the other luthiers in the community, and as a testimony to his superb craftsmanship, he has customized orders from different parts of the globe. Some of his classical guitar pieces are exported to established Guitar shops in Spain and the U.S.



A glimpse of Mactan and Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter

As you fly into Cebu and walk out of the air-conditioned plane, you immediately feel the hot humid climate of Mactan. Lunch time can only be at Sutukil — a native restaurant where specialty is fresh sea food. You choose the moist fish, lobster, prawns or whatever and they serve it to you cooked suiting your craving taste buds. Nothing fancy, just healthy sumptuous food on a bamboo table overlooking the sparkling sea and its mid-day sun. For a group of 4 you’ll only be spending less than 2,000 pesos.

If however, for only one reason should you come to Cebu or Mactan in particular, don’t miss Ferangeli Guitar. A haven for quality, original stringed instruments. The Shop stands at Abuno, Lapu-Lapu city, the heart of guitar making in Cebu (A taxi ride from the airport is a mere thirty minute ride costing only around 100 pesos). You’ll be greeted by the owner Andoy and his lovely wife Aying. A very, very talented couple who has developed the stringed instrument into a work of art. Here you’ll find the exacting concert guitar to the extreme “T-back” guitar; ovation guitars designed in every form possible from the usual wooden “hunchback” to the intricate glued shells from the deepest parts of the Philippine sea.



Internationally renowned flamenco guitarist and luthier. The only Filipino awarded the title “Builder of Stringed Instruments” from Spain, Year 2000


Ferangeli Ukuleles

We can produce world class quality ukuleles in may be your own customized specifications or based from another. The way we make it is that, we apply the same discipline as to how we make our guitars, not only to make it look good, but great playability as well, and most importantly with the best sound quality the instrument can offer.

With regards to the prices of our ukuleles, we have our mid-end ukuleles ranging from Php 2,500.00 to Php 6,000.00, and for our high-end ukuleles, from Php 7,500.00 to Php 18,000.00 depending on the wood used, hardwares attached and design specifications.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repairs

There are a lot of causes why instruments go broken, mishandling or natural causes are some. Another is that glues might have already been expired, this is a case for those instruments that are old already.

We at Ferangeli accepts instrument repairs from ukuleles up to guitars. If you have your instrument broken, you can contact us and have a quote on your instrument.

Our quote for repair are based from the damage of the instrument, in one way or another we could help you in your decision making, either to repair the instrument or not.

Customized Instrument

Customized Instrument

We are making customized hand-crafted export quality string instruments, primarily guitars and ukuleles. There are a lot of combinations to choose from, starting from the wood to be used for the top, back and sides, shell inlay design and even the model and bracing patterns of the instruments.

The wood to be used for the instruments are carefully selected, graded, and cut, then succeeded with drying both by air and by the kiln.

We make instruments with the best sound possible, the wood can offer! Every wood has its own characteristics, thus, give you a unique taste of sound in every combination.

Different woods have different prices, most especially for different grades. You can check out the pricing page at

You can visit the our products page and look at some of the guitars and ukuleles which may give you inspirations for a customized handmade instrument proudly made by Filipino luthiers!

We can also help you make your specifications for your new instrument, contact us or e-mail us at and let’s talk about your new best friend!

Ferangeli Guitars

We are producing instruments of world class quality. We make our instruments with strict discipline from the first to the last stage of production to deliver our clients and customers the sound they wanted, and to bring out the best sound wood of the guitar can offer.

We usually do customized guitars to our clients. The prices of which will depend if mid-end or high-end quality, the mid-end guitars will range from Php 5,000.00 to Php 16,000.00, and for the high-end guitars, is from Php 18,000.00 to Php 40,000.00 depending on the wood used, hardwares attached and design specifications.

Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter, the Cebu’s finest guitar industry since 1919.

Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter, the 3rd generation of the family tree that is tagged as the Cebu’s finest guitar industry since 1919.

We specialize in making customized string instruments, from ukuleles to guitars up to double bass. These instruments are hand-made by our luthiers headed and thought by the master lutheir, Fernando “Andoy” Dagoc, with his experience in wood grading to guitar-making.

Our High-end instruments are built suited to temperature and humidity of countries outside the Philippines. The wood used for these instruments are solid, kiln dried, and air dried before it will be assembled inside our control room. These quality of instruments are our export quality and best quality instruments.

Our Mid-end instruments on the other hand, differs from the wood used, most of our mid-end instruments use common woods and laminated woods . These instruments can also be brought outside the Philippines since the woods used are also dry.

Lastly, our Low-end guitars and ukuleles are our local instruments, thus, it will only be good for local use only. These guitars are best for beginners, and for those people that are traveling, and living in the Philippines. We cannot assure that these guitars can be brought out the country.