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The Master Luthier

The Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter Master Luthier, Fernando Abendan Dagoc, is the 3rd generation of the family tree in the guitar industry, but he prefers to be called “Andoy”.

At his early age

Lived at Lincoln Street, the well-known guitar street of Cebu City, together with his parents and relatives, who ventured in the guitar industry.

Andoy at an early age of 7 assisted his uncle, Avelino Abendan, with his guitar business, during this time, he was exposed to the basics from making, repairing up to selling the instruments.

Custom Guitar and Repair Shop

During 1978, he started to manage Custom Guitar and Repair shop, the guitar shop of his mother, Nelly, and at the same time taking up Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of San Jose-Recoletos which he graduated on 1985.

Andoy as a Wood Agent

On the year 1983, he became a Wood Agent in the nearby pier. It was during this time that his familiarization of the different behaviors and characteristics of woods grew.

Being an Employee before Employer

On 1992, he was employed in RJ Guitars as the one in charge of production of guitars and later on 1994 left the company and started Custom Enterprises, which continued the wood industry he started.

Custom Enterprises

With the high demand for woods, he started Custom Enterprises with his wife Angelita. Aside from selling different kinds of solid wood, they were also selling plywood, lacquer, strings, and other guitar accessories.


As they were managing Custom Enterprises for more than 10 years, Andoy was going back to his passion of being a luthier bit by bit, until he started Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter, a combination of the names Fernando and Angelita and the name of their firstborn daughter, Ferangeli. Here, Andoy devoted his time to make high-quality solid wood instruments, with research and development, reading books about the different ways of making guitars and managing and teaching his men of local guitar makers of Lapu-Lapu City. Then he met Adolfo, a renowned luthier from Spain, where they share knowledge from experience to experience and theories of physics and acoustics in the art of guitar making.

With his burning passion of making high-quality instruments, he aims Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter to produce instruments with the best sound possible the wood can offer.