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Different Guitar Models

Different Guitar Models

Guitars do not only have 1 shape but a lot! The shapes of the guitars are referred to as models. There are different guitar models per playing style, or per usability, there are guitar players who love to play the rhythm, play the lead, or play fingerstyle; and there are guitar players who always travels and brings a guitar with them.  I am not an expert, but if you’re a starter, this blog can be your guide.

Ferangeli Guitar Handcrater offers different guitar models, I will be listing down the most common ones that are being requested.


These guitars models have a wider lower bout and deeper body. If your playing style is bass heavy, then this model is for you. We usually recommend this model to players who are more on to strumming than fingerstyling or plucking. Though you can still play fingerstyle with this model, but due to its body dimensions, the bass will have a much louder sound.

Check out our Dreadnought guitars here:

Orchestra Model

One of the most common shapes of the guitar! The waist of the body is much narrower than the Dreadnought, and the body is not that deep. We recommend this to female guitar players which find it hard to cradle the guitar. The Orchestra Model is also best for fingerstyle playing due to its balanced bass and treble.

Check out our Orchestra Model guitars here:

Classical Guitars

All our nylon-stringed guitars are classical guitars. These guitars are primarily used in playing classical music, these guitars have a wider neck width and string-to-string spacings. It is harder for players with short fingers to play these guitars, but we can customize the neck to the player’s configuration.

Students studying how to play classical music with a guitar should use these types and since the strings are nylon, they’re much friendlier to a beginner’s fingertips.

There are different types of classical guitars, Flamenco, Spanish and the Classical. What we commonly offer is the Ramirez Classical guitar.

Check out our Ramirez Classical guitars here:

Travel Guitars (000 and GS-Mini)

Do you travel most of the time? Find it bulky to carry a standard-sized guitar? Travel Guitars are about 3/4 of the standard-sized guitar, they have a shorter body length and possibly a shorter scale length. This way it’ll be less bulky for you to travel and still make music!

We have two different models for Travel Guitars, the Martin 000 which you can check out here: and the Taylor GS-Mini which you can also check out here:


Ukuleles have been on the rise nowadays, and it’s rise create a new model of guitars which we call Guitaleles. These models are the same size of a tenor ukulele with a much wider neck and have nylon strings. Due to its size, the tuning will be different from a guitar, Starting from the first string to the sixth string the tuning would be A-E-C-G-D-A. Similarly, you’re just putting a capo on the 5th fret of the standard guitar.

Check out our Guitaleles here:


Knowing the different Guitar models that we commoonly make, this does not restrict you from playing music that is played best of another model. It’s just that, it will not sound right even when you hit the right notes.