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Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter, the Cebu’s finest guitar industry since 1919.

Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter, the 3rd generation of the family tree that is tagged as the Cebu’s finest guitar industry since 1919.

We specialize in making customized string instruments, from ukuleles to guitars up to double bass. These instruments are hand-made by our luthiers headed and thought by the master lutheir, Fernando “Andoy” Dagoc, with his experience in wood grading to guitar-making.

Our High-end instruments are built suited to temperature and humidity of countries outside the Philippines. The wood used for these instruments are solid, kiln dried, and air dried before it will be assembled inside our control room. These quality of instruments are our export quality and best quality instruments.

Our Mid-end instruments on the other hand, differs from the wood used, most of our mid-end instruments use common woods and laminated woods . These instruments can also be brought outside the Philippines since the woods used are also dry.

Lastly, our Low-end guitars and ukuleles are our local instruments, thus, it will only be good for local use only. These guitars are best for beginners, and for those people that are traveling, and living in the Philippines. We cannot assure that these guitars can be brought out the country.