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Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repairs

There are a lot of causes why instruments go broken, mishandling or natural causes are some. Another is that glues might have already been expired, this is a case for those instruments that are old already.

We at Ferangeli accepts instrument repairs from ukuleles up to guitars. If you have your instrument broken, you can contact us and have a quote on your instrument.

Our quote for repair are based from the damage of the instrument, in one way or another we could help you in your decision making, either to repair the instrument or not.

Instrument Customization`

Intrument Customization

We also customize instrument from ukuleles to guitars, you can specify your specifications of the instrument, or provide us with the blueprint of the instrument to be made. You can also send us your designs for inlays, for the fingerboard, headstock or any part of your instrument.

Customize your own instrument from its wood to be used, not only on the top, back and sides, but all, that includes the bracing for your instrument as well. We will also be guiding you for the selection of wood since not all woods are good for all parts of an instrument.