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Instrument Repairs

Instrument Repairs

There are a lot of causes why instruments go broken, mishandling or natural causes are some. Another is that glues might have already been expired, this is a case for those instruments that are old already.

We at Ferangeli accepts instrument repairs from ukuleles up to guitars. If you have your instrument broken, you can contact us and have a quote on your instrument.

Our quote for repair are based from the damage of the instrument, in one way or another we could help you in your decision making, either to repair the instrument or not.

Customized Instrument

Customized Instrument

We are making customized hand-crafted export quality string instruments, primarily guitars and ukuleles. There are a lot of combinations to choose from, starting from the wood to be used for the top, back and sides, shell inlay design and even the model and bracing patterns of the instruments.

The wood to be used for the instruments are carefully selected, graded, and cut, then succeeded with drying both by air and by the kiln.

We make instruments with the best sound possible, the wood can offer! Every wood has its own characteristics, thus, give you a unique taste of sound in every combination.

Different woods have different prices, most especially for different grades. You can check out the pricing page at

You can visit the our products page and look at some of the guitars and ukuleles which may give you inspirations for a customized handmade instrument proudly made by Filipino luthiers!

We can also help you make your specifications for your new instrument, contact us or e-mail us at and let’s talk about your new best friend!